Cloud Services Integration

Frontera's design also includes a totally new integration with cloud services, and will provide users with new options for data storage and access to emerging computing technologies.

For projects utilizing data of exceptional importance -- such as may result from an especially difficult physical experiment or a long-running simulation that is impractical to repeat -- users will have access to a cloud-based storage mirror that provides protection beyond the level already provided with TACC's redundant archive storage system. This capability relies upon the storage solutions of our cloud partners Microsoft, Google, and Amazon. For users who need this level of data protection, we will provide storage capacity during the term of Frontera's operation by awarding credits for users to store data with our cloud partners.

Users will also be able to access emerging computational capabilities (such as Tensor processors) by submitting jobs to special queues on Frontera that will run on specially-designated processors at Google, Microsoft, and Amazon. This will allow us to regularly refresh the project with novel computing technologies, while providing a real-world platform for users to explore the future of their science applications.

Cloud integration is expected to be available to users in fall of 2019.

Frontera Racks
Frontera Racks