Frontera leverages TACC and its partners’ innovative approach to education, outreach, and training to encourage, educate, and develop the next generation of leadership-class computational science researchers.

7/08 TACC INSTITUTE - Designing and Administering Large-scale Systems Spend a week learning from TACC's expert and experienced systems administrators about the tools, techniques, and practices that are used at TACC to build out some of the largest and highest performing clusters in the world.
7/29 PEARC ‘19 TUTORIAL - Portable, Reproducible High Performance Computing in the Cloud This tutorial will focus on providing attendees exposure to state-of-the-art techniques for portable, reproducible research computing, enabling them to easily transport analyses from cloud to HPC resources.
7/29 PEARC ‘19 TUTORIAL - Modern Tools for Supercomputers In this tutorial, we will present and practice with supercomputer tools specifically designed for complex user environment (LMod, Sanity Tool), tools for job monitoring and profiling (Remora, TACC-Stat, etc.), tools for large-scale IO work (OOOPS, FanStore), and several other convenient tools.


Past Training

3/28 Welcome to Frontera A brief overview of system plans and the broader project that surrounds it, the architectural design choices, and a discussion of application community that will run on it.